What I have learned from this unit so far is that I did not know all the struggles that immigrants first faced when they get into the U.S. like, the struggle with whether is it worth it to stay in school or drop out and have a job to pay for rent and other essentials. I can see why that would be tempting to drop out of school, because even though education is crucial for success later in life. New immigrants usually go for the short term answer which is getting a odd job and dropping out of school so that they can pay for rent and other things. I also learned that after a day of school they have to go to work till 11 or 12 and by the time they get home they do not want to do any homework because they are so exhausted from a long day which usually leads to them falling behind in school. I also learned that usually the kids that come over to the U.S. are the providers for the families because the parents either knows very little English or none at all and it is up the kids to provide for their families.

I can relate a little bit to some of their stories. I can relate to them about filling out endless papers to get their citizenships and how long that process is. Also how many hours you have to dedicate to getting your citizenship and how it gets in your way of other things like school work. The part where it is different between me and new immigrants is that I did not come to the U.S when I was in my teenage years so I did not have to learn a whole new language in a few weeks. Also like most immigrants I did not flee my country because of how unstable it was becoming. I did not have to uproot my life to go someplace else. I also did not have to support my family because my parents had the resources to keep me in a good school and keep me in a house so I could focus on my school work instead of worrying about how am I going to feed the family tonight.       

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